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Blockchain Corporate Certification Training

48 Hours Training, 30 Hours of Self-paced Training: 16 Hours of Classroom workshop and 2 Hours of Online doubt clearing session

Course Description

Today’s Technology Trend all around the globe is Blockchain. People and Business around the world using blockchain for various business applications and using cryptocurrency in their product or Businesses. Singapore, being Asia’s financial hub needs a deeper dive into Blockchain Technology to lead the world. NearLearn’s two days Singapore Blockchain Corporate Training will provides you the opportunity to learn an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Multichain Blockchain platforms. You will be also educated how to set up your private Blockchain, and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. If you don’t want the basics and want dive deeper into Blockchain and want to be the Certified Blockchain Expert with full of hand-on Experience along with real Business scenarios, then this is the right Platform for you.

Insights of Singapore Blockchain Corporate Training Course

After this training completion, a participant can get entitled to the below:

  • Learn Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.
  • Get deeper knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, set up your own private Blockchain Environment, Hyper ledger and Set up development environment,
  • Understand the Prospects of Blockchain and Implementation through our hands-on teaching approach.
  • Hands on Experience to Setup Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum.
  • Deeper Dive into theories and practical of Blockchain Technology by our unique and simple method of Education.
  • You will be able to work on any Blockchain Technology related Projects
  • Go through various real-time use cases and get the hands-on experience working on Blockchain Technology

Why to Learn Blockchain Technology?

World Economic Forum analysis says that, 1o% of the world's gross domestic product are on Blockchain connected technologies by 2025. Average yearly regular payment for "Blockchain Developer" ranges from $85k for Application Developer to $115k for senior programmer as per There are square measure heap of opportunities coming back within the IT and FinTech Sector by 2020. Therefore it's you to require the choice if you would like to urge the first mover advantage!!

Benefits of Blockchain Corporate training course in Singapore

  • Have a powerful domain information of Blockchain technology
  • Understand in-depth what's Bitcoin and the way it works.
  • Get each theory and practical hands-on information of Blockchain
  • Understand why to create an app with Ethereum.
  • Have depth information into Ethereum and Solidity
  • Get sensible samples of blockchain and mining space
  • Have sturdy information into varied parts of Hyperledger

Who should attend this Blockchain Classroom Corporate Training Course?

  • Software system Engineers need to be a Blockchain Developer OR
  • Senior Software/Technical Architects, Who need to possess robust domain information on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology OR
  • Any internet or Web Developer, Who is opting to figure within the domain of Blockchain Technology OR
  • Skilled professionals operating in alternative domains and would really like to shift their career into world’s most demanded and trending domain; Blockchain OR
  • Any Technical Lead or designer need to become Blockchain – Business and Integration designer
  • Developers operating in FinTech Domain OR
  • Freshers or Graduates in Singapore seeking for building their career in Blockchain Technology

Workshop FAQ’s

There is no pre requisite required as such however basics of Cryptography, Encoding, Digital Signature will help

NearLearn has a dedicated job Assistance Team, who work with candidates on individual basis in assisting for right blockchain job.

Payment can be made via online

09.30am – 06.00pm Weekend(Saturday-Sunday)

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