Best Blockchain Certification Corporate Training Course in Mumbai, India

Blockchain Certification Corporate Training Course Mumbai

Blockchain is a digital ledger, which records financial transactions made in bitcoin and other crypto currencies. A crypto currency is a digital medium of exchange, which secure transactions, verify fund transfers and limit the creation of additional currency units. Blockchain developers are having growing demand globally.

If you’re looking for a blockchain corporate training course in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR at an affordable price, contact NearLearn. NearLearn is a global EdTech brand, offering Blockchain courses across the world.

Best Blockchain Certification Corporate Training Course in Mumbai, India

Key Features of Blockchain

  • Blockchain eliminates the need for a third-party to process financial transactions.
  • Blockchain can be controlled by any single entity.
  • Blockchain allows its users to have a track of digital currency transactions without having to worry about central record keeping.
  • Blockchain is transparent and incorruptible.

  • Who can take a Blockchain Corporate Training Course?

  • Any software developer who wants to upgrade his career to blockchain
  • Architects who want to build their skills for Blockchain technology.
  • Anyone interested in ERC20 Tokens & ICOs.
  • Any professional who is keen to learn Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Blockchain.
  • Any professional looking to get on the emerging blockchain world.
  • Graduates looking to build a career in blockchain.
  • Professionals without programming skills can also choose a blockchain course.

  • Why Choose a Blockchain Course?

    For Professionals

    Encouraged by the idea of moving towards democratization and decentralization, many FinTech startups and legacy financial institutions are actively recruiting blockchain specialists. Global tech companies and even tech startups offer blockchain solutions to financial organizations on a large scale. Companies such as Intel, Santander, and Barclays are showing a great interest in blockchain experts.You can have a long-lasting demand across industry verticals, as a blockchain developer, a blockchain programmer, a distributed ledger engineer, or a crypto currency engineer, with a Blockchain online course or an offline course done at NearLearn.

    For Corporates

    By up skilling employees with our blockchain training course, corporates can be sure that they won’t face any talent shortage in building blockchain solutions. They can reduce attrition rate and hiring costs to a large extent. Contact us now to know more about our courses.

    Why choose NearLearn for Blockchain Corporate Training Course?

  • You will get hands-on experience in modeling and building blockchain networks.
  • You will understand what is blockchain business network is, how to build and model a blockchain solution and your role in building blockchain applications.
  • You will learn the concepts of distributed ledger, solidity programming, Cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining, ethereum, architecture, core layers, hyperledger, multichain, and more.
  • With the course completed at NearLearn, you can build your own blockchain application.
  • NearLearn are accredited by many leading third-party global governing bodies.
  • We provide LMS (Learning Management System) for online tests, assessments and study materials.
  • Having a network of 100+ professional trainers, including industry’s most admired trainers
  • Trained 400+ professionals with more than 50 type of courses.
  • Conducted 15+ effective corporate workshops.

  • Whether you’re looking for a blockchain course online or at the best blockchain training courses institute in Mumbai , India that is near to you, contact NearLearn. We also offer AI and Machine Learning courses, Cloud Computing courses, Business Intelligence courses and more. Contact us now for pricing and more.

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