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Machine Learning Certification Course Training Mumbai

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI), which provides machines with an ability to learn automatically with data, without being explicitly programmed.

Machine learning is used to build algorithms that can consume the data, and predict an output value within an acceptable range with the help of statistical analysis.

Machine Learning Certification Course in Mumbai | India

Key Features of Machine Learning

  • Machine learning is used in fraud detection and predicting equipment failure.
  • Machine learning is used in retail, publishing, healthcare, banking and financial sector.
  • Machine learning is used to create relevant push notifications and advertisements. This feature is used by Google and Facebook ad platforms
  • ML helps in cycle time reduction and efficiently utilize resources.

  • Who can take a Machine Learning Course?

  • Business analysts who want to learn data science techniques.
  • Analytics manager who is leading a team of analysts.
  • Analytics professional who want to learn AI and machine learning for better career growth.
  • Any graduate having a dream to build a career in machine learning
  • Any experienced IT professional who wants to switch to machine learning.
  • Information architects who want to learn machine learning.
  • Software developers who want to upgrade themselves as a machine learning engineer or a data scientist.

  • Why Choose a Machine Learning Course?

    For Professionals

    According to KellyOCG India, the demand for machine learning and AI specialists in India is expected to see a 60% increase in the current year due to increasing the adoption of automation.AI and machine learning talents are having a high-demand from industries like IT, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and BFSI etc. For professionals or graduates who are thinking to take a machine learning course, it can be the right time.

    For Corporates

    Unlike “one-size-fits-all” training courses, we tailor our curriculum to meet the specific needs of your business and help your team have a fair understanding of machine learning. Our corporate training on machine learning can help you to reduce hiring costs and achieve a competitive advantage. Contact us now to know more about our machine learning certification courses.

    Why choose NearLearn for Machine Learning Training?

  • You will get practical knowledge to build machine learning applications using Python.
  • You will have a good understanding of Python programming.
  • You will understand data modelling process.
  • You can build your own machine learning application.
  • We are accredited by many third-party global governing bodies and our certificate is globally accepted.
  • We provide LMS (Learning Management System) for online tests, assessments and study materials.
  • Having a network of 100+ professional trainers, including industry’s most admired trainers
  • Trained 400+ professionals with more than 50 type of courses.
  • Conducted 15+ effective corporate workshops.

  • If you are looking for a machine learning online course or the best machine learning institute in Mumbai to take a course online, NearLearn is here to help you.

    We provide both online courses and classroom training on machine learning for professionals and graduates. We also offer corporate training. Our top courses include AI and Machine Learning courses, Block Chain courses and Cloud computing courses. Contact us to know more.

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