Machine Learning training in Singapore | Machine Learning Workshop

Machine Learning With Python

Dated: 29th Sep - 30th Sep 2018

(48 Hours Training, 30 Hours of Self-paced Training: 16 Hours of Classroom workshop and 2 Hours of Online doubt clearing session)


Course Overview:

This course can introduce the learner to applied machine learning, focusing additional on the techniques and ways than on the statistics behind these ways. NearLearn’s 2 Days workshop has been designed for Participants all across Singapore, to get the strong hold in Machine learning algorithms with the base of Python. If you wish to be the Certified Machine Learning Expert and want to dive deeper into Machine Learning Algorithms by using Python, then this is the best platform for you.

Insights of Machine learning with Python Workshop

After this classroom workshop completion, a participant can get entitled with the below:

  • Deep understanding on AI, Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Get strong holds on principles, algorithms and applications of Machine Learning through our unique hands-on teaching approach.
  • Strong knowledge of Machine Learning models with the base of mathematical and heuristic aspects of Machine Learning.
  • Learn both theory and practical for Applied Machine Learning.
  • Will be able to solve different real world scenarios on Machine Learning
  • Learn various real time use cases
  • Accomplish 2+ ML projects during the Workshop.

Benefits of Machine Learning Training Workshop in Singapore

  • Get confidence to work on different applications for machine learning based algorithms.
  • Perform supervised learning techniques in your Projects such as linear and logistic regression.
  • Understand on data classifications and models.
  • Develop different robust Machine Learning models.
  • Should able to use top algorithms among many for any given Machine Learning problem.
  • Create accurate predictions and powerful analysis for any given problem.
  • Use unsupervised learning algorithms as Clustering & Segmentation in your AI or ML projects.
  • Be the Master of Machine Learning

Who should attend this ML Classroom Workshop?

  • Enthusiastic Software Developers working in various IT Companies in Singapore to be a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineers.
  • Software/Solution Architects, working on any domain, who wants to have strong hold on Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Analytics candidates, who wants to get an additional domain of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.
  • Any Software Professional in Singapore, seeking to change their domain to AI and Machine Learning
  • Graduates in Singapore seeking for building their career in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Workshop FAQ’s

Machine Learning is a highly interdisciplinary subject. Hence, basic understanding of the following Concepts is highly useful:

  • Some background in programming (basic familiarity with variables, functions, loops, etc in any language) is helpful.
  • Linear algebra
  • Probability theory
  • Statistics & hypothesis testing
  • Optimization methods

NearLearn has a dedicated job Assistance Team, who work with candidates on individual basis in assisting for right Machine Learning job.

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09.30am – 06.00pm Weekend(Saturday-Sunday)

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